ZGA | Zapiola Guerrico Abogados | Practice Areas – Recovery and Subrogation Claims
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Practice Areas – Recovery and Subrogation Claims

Recovery and subrogation claims

We offer our clients the complete management of extrajudicial and judicial credit recovery and subrogation actions.


Specifically speaking, we have developed an extensive and successful experience in subrogation actions for Insurers and ARTs in order to obtain the reimbursement by the responsible third party of the costs generated by a loss or labour contingency.


Our participation encompasses the following aspects:

– Evaluation in each case of the concrete possibilities of recovery and of the cost of such goal, for the purposes of determining the convenience and scope of the available proceedings.

Data collection, gathering of documentary elements as well as examination and verification of judicial or administrative records (v.g. criminal cases) to optimise the proceedings’ capabilities.


Gradual use of different resources in the course of the proceedings. Firstly, delivery of documentary letters and/or telephone or personal contacts with the responsible third parties concerned, secondly the commencement of private mediation processes and finally, as a last resort, the filing of legal actions.