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Practice areas – Litigation and ADR

Litigation and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) methods

Even though our Firm has a vast experience in managing lawsuits of different complexity levels, we consider litigation as the last means our client must resort to after other alternative methods of dispute resolution have been exhausted.


When confronted with a major controversy, our strategy expressly contemplates the possibility of a judicial process. However, we always seek to develop a gradual approach – based on a proactive attitude towards negotiating with the other party – and an intensive use of the pretrial mediation process.


Negotiation: Negotiation is a daily exercise for the Firm’s lawyers, who are used to dealing with matters of different nature and foster an attitude of open dialogue with colleagues seeking a satisfactory and expeditious solution to the legal conflict. We consider negotiation as a tool whose techniques can be tuned in and improved. For this reason, our lawyers attend training and updating courses on a regular basis.


Mediation:  We understand that the pretrial mediation process (mandatory in the City of Buenos Aires) is an excellent opportunity to settle conflicts and claims by mutual consent of the parties concerned, thus, avoiding the increased costs and risks entailed in a court process. In this regard, we fully exploit the potential of the legal process, in an attempt to either solve the conflict or gather useful information to help us understand the whole situation and examine the odds of our client in court.

Lawsuits: We have the human resources and experience necessary to handle individual cases of high complexity or a large number of suits of similar nature, where complexity derives from the heavy caseload and from the need to use overall management or settlement strategies.


We have a team of attorneys who do an ongoing thorough follow up of the process development at court and keep clients updated on its evolution and every new issue that affects the evaluation of its probable outcome.

The Firm’s lawyers have taken part in complex suits that became “leading cases” in their respective areas. They are also empowered to handle the judicial process in all its possible stages, to the extent of raising extraordinary appeals, both before the Provincial Higher Courts and before the National Supreme Court of Justice.


Arbitration: We believe in the convenience of agreeing on the arbitration jurisdiction, for the settlement of contractual controversies inherent to modern business transactions, thus, assuring a simplified and speedy process, and guaranteeing that those who are to decide on the conflict have the required expertise to settle the technical complexities of the dispute involved. We provide legal representation and assistance in the entire arbitration process and its potential challenge in court.