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Practice Areas – Insurance and Reinsurance

Insurance and reinsurance

The Firm has a long track record and all the necessary resources to provide an integral service to insurance companies:


– Losses: We deal with all the legal aspects generated by a loss. From the very moment of its occurrence, we help our clients in the legal assessment of the existence of coverage as well as in the definition of the strategy for the management of the case.


Regarding Civil Liability insurance, we specialise in the early negotiation of the claim, seeking the fastest and most convenient settlement for the Company. We assist our clients throughout the subsequent evolution of the loss including the process of mediation and litigation, in all its procedural stages.


We handle a significant number of lawsuits for insurance companies on a regular basis. The experience gained over time has allowed us to have a particular professional approach. We do not conceive trials as mechanical processes that must inexorably end up in a final and definitive judgment. Every judgment implies a significant economic risk which must be avoided or reduced to the maximum extent possible. For this reason, our Firm keeps a computerised database that allows estimating the lawsuit’s value and probable outcome as objectively as possible and enables us to decide at any time on the convenience of arriving at an out of court solution.


We have a vast and proven network of correspondents in the interior of the country, which makes it possible to handle lawsuits all across the nation, allowing our professionals to directly manage the litigation strategy and the coordination of extrajudicial initiatives.

Proceedings before Regulatory Entities:

We provide legal advice and personalised management for all types of procedures or petitions before regulatory entities associated with the insurance business, such as the National Superintendence of Insurance or the Superintendence of Occupational Hazards. These proceedings include, among others:

– Incorporation of business organisations and authorisation to operate as insurers.

– Drafting of policies and approval of the conditions thereof.

– Acquisition or sale of corporations or capital stocks and portfolio transfers.

– Representation and defence of insurance companies against the filing of administrative proceedings.


Auditing of Pending Lawsuits:

We have the necessary human and computing resources to perform the verification of a large number of cases, with the capacity to analyse the extent of the claim involved and the adequacy of the technical reserves duly made.

We have carried out these tasks when exercising “due diligence” for the purchase of an insurance company as well as for preparing and organising an out of court settlement campaign.


Moreover, we offer the following services to reinsurers:

– Incorporation and registration before the National Superintendence of Insurance.

– Analysis of reserves and auditing of lawsuits from ceding companies.

– Assistance in resolution of controversies and arbitration processes.

– Inquiries on contractual law.